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TRADITION, TERRITORY AND EXCELLENCECenturies-old olive groves and a fine extra virgin olive oil

The cultivation of olive trees and the production of oil have always been the traditional activities of ``Tenuta del Castello``. The core of the company is an olive grove, the ``San Francesco``: 15 hectares for about 4,000 trees, 300 of which are centuries-old and in full production.

BIOLOGICAL OILExtra Virgin Olive Oil

A delicate fruitiness at the right ripeness, accompanied by herbaceous and almond scents, characterizes the aromatic path of the oil. On the palate it is elegant, offering pleasant perceptions of bitterness accompanied by a delightful spicy finish. With a fine structure, delicate, fresh and clean, it can be appreciated for its olfactory-gustatory consistency.

OLIVE GROVES: 70% cultivar Carolea, 30% cultivar Nocellara
PACKAGING: bottle of 250 and 500 ml
HARVEST PERIOD: end of October

The olive grove is equipped with a modern irrigation system and is cultivated with the most advanced techniques, respecting traditions and the territory.
A production of olives grown exclusively with organic methods for a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.

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