The winery

Our winery

A very ancient tradition is combined with the innovation of the most modern equipment, for a result that aims at excellence.

In the heart of the vineyards, a few steps from the Castle, stands the winery of Tenuta del Castello. A large structure equipped with the best technological systems for winemaking and bottling, in order to balance each element and ensure the perfect equilibrium of flavors and aromas. Innovation embraces the most authentic tradition of the artisan approach for the creation of an authentic wine, the result of intense work and expression of the territory from which it comes.

The wines of Tenuta del Castello are characterized by the right sweet and alcohol content and by a good fixed acidity, capable of enhancing the aromas and maintaining them over time.
Wine is the expression of a territory, a culture and the passion of those who produce it.

VISIT AND TASTINGAn experience that embraces the senses

Our winery is our home, a place where we welcome those who want to know our company and our wines, to live together a unique experience, full of flavors and aromas.

Our home

A unique atmosphere just waiting to be discovered.

An environment in which the passion and the bond with the territory are transmitted each day. Here you can immerse yourself in the intense flavors of Calabria, letting yourself be carried in a tasting of wines and traditional products of the area. Book a visit to our estate together with a guided wine tasting.

Tenuta del Castello